The Fall Feasts 2018

It's that time of year again- the "Season of Our Joy" is upon us.  Most of you are probably already making preparations for the 3 Fall Feasts- Yom Teruah (The Feasts of Trumpets), Yom Kippur (The Day of At-One-Ment) and Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles/Feast of the Ingathering). It's our favorite time of year. Last spring while on the beautiful beaches of Ecuador, the lyrics and melody for a Sukkot song came to mind and spirit.  We love it and hope you will too!  The song is currently being mixed and mastered at a studio in Florida and we hope it will be ready in time for Sukkot. 

What's New-2018?

After spending nearly three years in South America (not having the resources to record professionally), we're currently back in North America and back in the studio doing some recording.  So far, we're really loving the new songs that...we believe...our Heavenly Father gave us and hope they will be a blessing to you, too.

We appreciate your prayers! As you know the enemy likes to TRY and create obstacles that can prolong the Father's work...but we believe we shall prevail - not by might, nor by power BUT BY HIS SPIRIT (RUACH).






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​"Your music has had an awesome inspiring affect on my husband and I. I go to sleep or rather I can't get to sleep cause I am singing your songs all night long. You have blessed me more then you know and now I ask that YHWH continues to Bless you with your message through your music ♥"- Barbie Cunningham, Facebook

"Your music, leaves me breathless. Thank you for sharing your gifting and drawing me into worship. I have your album Roar of the Lion of Judah, but there are other songs that I would love to have in my library, like Search Me Yah. Love, love, love"- Gemma Hatfield, Facebook

​"I Looooove your music sis!!!! Keep praisin' the Lord and edifying through your songs (also being a witness) Hallelu-Yah!!!!!"- Princess Korchi, Facebook

​"MiYah!!! I love your songs!!! To Yahweh be the highest glory!!!"- NinYah Evangelio Umali, Facebook

"Sitting at home listening to your music and it takes me places. Thank you! LOVE IT! This is my kind of worship music, heavy on the perc and Holy Spirit."- Donna Nolen, Facebook

 " Hi MiYah! I have discovered your music and I am overwhelmed. There is great depth and energy to it and our family is loving it. Blessings... "- TH, ReverbNation 

​"Your music is JUST what I've been looking for!! Love it! "- HRT, Facebook 

"I have to tell you this! For the last year or so, my 7 year old son had been plagued by nightmares to the point where he just wasn't sleeping and he was tired all day. Well about 2 weeks ago, I put in the "Roar" CD for him to listen to on repeat all night. I can tell you that as of today, he has NOT had a nightmare on any night since then! I firmly believe that since the music is anointed and each song from Scripture, that the demons are afraid to invade his dreams. Thank you for being obedient to Yah and letting Him bless others thru the music He gives you! I am waiting 'patiently' for your next project..." Aprill​ C, FB2014

​"I am SO EXCITED! Thank you for your music. I love it! "- Gerri Harris, Facebook

​ " I'm listening your songs for YAH and it's very inspiring since you are calling Him in His real Name.. I praise YHWH for that.."- Marilou, Facebook 

​"Shalom! I just discovered your music! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am drunk on His wine tonight!"- Linda, Facebook

​ " I just can't stress how grateful I am because I have been weeding thru music trying to find things pure on the names. So many spiritual songs are filled with names and sometimes ideals that burn ears. It was an honor to take the time! It's more an honor to know how much you Honor the Almighty. That's a pleasure to know."- Jesse, Facebook 

"I came across your music on YouTube and absolutely fell in love. You are such a blast musician.  Your music is a great blessing." - Chris C. - Facebook

My mom and I love your music! - Matthew H., Facebook

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"Out of all the beautiful music in this world, I believe yours is the most wonderful of all!! Thank you"- Hannah C, YouTube

​“Just discovered you!!!!! Very exciting!!!”—  Bridget Y

“I am glad YHWH raises up people like you to rock other people's boats & shake things up. I think it's great what you are doing!”—  Janna, Facebook

"I really feel the presence of God, This voice is like an Angel. God bless you" - Estela HC, Mexico

​“miYah, I think you are the forerunner when it comes to bringing the style of music you do to the Hebraic Roots/Messianic realm... I admire & applaud your groundbreaking efforts & really love the way you make this genre your own & YHWH's own”—  JA, Facebook

​"I'm SOOOO loving your barei lev worship music. It completely meshes with my Spirit!!! On fire, and intimacy!! " - Susy M, Facebook, Indiana  

“Beautiful,music,anointed voice,powerful message,,,I can't wait to buy the cd...God Bless ” Dalilahjiselle

"Just Beautiful The Loving Voice of Love YaHuWaH our Loving Father of Love from Heaven above Truly Sings through your Beautiful Blessed Wonderful Voice" - Chris K, Facebook

"You know once you release that cd i will be playing it in my car until the plastic melts on the disk. " - Scott, YT


“MiYah, You have such a beautiful voice, I love your music. It is such a blessings to me. Thank you and thank Yahweh above all for you hearing His call on your life. ♥”—  S.Shalom, FB

​I believe that if miYah, and Sharon Wilbur, with Paul Wilbur, had a Tour Concert in Israel, and the USA, for revival purposes, people would know how to worship in The Beautiful Spirit of Holiness, and True worship, most of American's don't know how to worship in Holiness, before there Creator." Benjamin N (Facebook)

​ "Love your sound. So glad you're singing his word. May YHVH bless you and your band for sharing his word in this manner. It will reach people who would never listen to a preacher/teacher. "- Dawn Woodson, Facebook 

“Baruch ata Adonai. Ruach Kadosh has anointed you for this generation - Yeshuah's Melody found here..." SHALOM4U

“miYah, Continue to make YHWH blessed music , be the lite , continue to shine shalom alaykeem”—  IHER, YT

​ I am so glad I found your music. It truly touches my spirit. May YHVH bless you and keep you. May YHVH make his face shine on you and show you his favor. May YHVH lift up his face toward you and give you peace. CSW, YT

​“Gotta love ♥ this music! Yahweh bless her. miYah!”—  Sandra, FB

​ “I am waiting for my favorite Gospel singer of all time to release her cd, hint hint.”—  Scott, TX, YT 

"It is such a blessing to have worship music using the real names of our Father and Saviour! Thank you!! Baruch atah YHVH Eloheinu melech haOlam! "- Petra Muller, Facebook

​“Just love miYah songs. Very cool!!!”—  B. Crowley - TX, Facebook

"I never get tired of listening to your music Sis!" SS-

​“I think I am your biggest fan! God is so good and I am so excited!”—  CGW, Facebook

“Please never stop writing music and praising our Father above, you have such an amazing talent. Yahweh Bless You in everything you do! ”—  Lillian Flores, Facebook

​“Ahhhhh wow MiYah! Thank you for this set~apart music full of praise to YAH! I LOVE your voice and ministry in YHWH! Ginger”—  Ginger, YouTube

“I'm crying right now. The song "Behind the Veil" brings you RIGHT into YHWHs presence MiYAH !bless YOU!”—  YazzyYahu, YouTube

​“This was the first I had heard of MiYah and it is fantastic!”—  Miss Nikki, YouTube

“I absolutely love your music!!! Thank for allowing God to speak through you in such a way that ignites passion in my heart and makes me want to dance for Him and His glory. I may even be able to start exercising with this, lol.”—  Luvfam6, YouTube

​“a blessing is her voice,,,,I pray she does many more songs......”—  SpiritWalker CJ, YouTube

“WOW WOW all I can say is i have never heard anything like this and with YAHWEH real name WOW may YAHweh bless you, I need this music it is like the flood gates of heaven have poured out on you. HalleluYAH”—  Iatbol, YouTube

​“Miyah, you are an amazing blessing to us all. Music praising our Father is so rare, and my two boys love your music. May you go from strength to strength through the Spirit of our only Almighty Elohim Abba. ”—  CharmNic, YouTube

​“Your voice is soooooooooooo amazing MiYah, and your voice is at the top of my list for favorite singers.. There is an anointing when you sing MiYah.You sing from your heart and you can feel it! It is amazing and touching! YAH Almighty is with you and my prayers go with you too!”—  GMY, Facebook- California

​“I love your inspiring music. I Hope you continue benefiting those around you with the inspirational true words that only can be found in the only way, truth, and life --our King of kings and his holy word.”—  J Smith, Facebook

“I really appreciate you staying in the Word of God in your music and your boldness. I encourage you to continue. Chakhama. Wisdom, Understanding, searching knowledge in the Holy Things. Proverbs 16:3 ”—  Cheri W, Facebook

“MiYah. Keep producing that good music ! ”—  Keith D, Facebook -Sydney, Australia.


​“Shalom MiYah, Listening to your music is certainly a blessing, a nice new sound. I enjoy it. ”—  BH, Facebook

“I know YAH is with you big time MiYah, and has anointed you in music ministry.I was listening to your song (repeat) for about 45 minutes the other night, I was sobbing before YAH Almighty as I praised YAH to you song called 'Everything'.That song is my favorite you've done.I love the words, your voice and the guitar playing!! It is beautiful and ministers to me so much MiYah!”—  GM, Facebook


miYah is a singer-songwriter who uses a combination of conventional and non-conventional genres of music to deliver messages found in the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament), the Nevi'im & Ketuvim (the Prophets and Writings), and the Brit haDasha (the New Testament). Music for the Remnant (Revelation 12:17)

miYAH music

Music for the Final Generation

Todah Raba! It's been a blessing to hear from so many of you and read your encouraging comments online. We give thanks and honor to our Heavenly Father. Thank you all for your tremendous outpouring of love & support.   We pray that this music ministry will be a blessing to you and others as we share HIS WORD through music and Scriptural art memes on Facebook.  We love and appreciate you all so very much.

Prayer Requests?

 If you have any prayer requests, it would be an honor to pray for you and stand with you in your times of need.


 We are mishpocha (family)!

May Abba bless you and keep you and make His  face to shine upon you!      

The ROAR CD spans the spectrum from introspective praise and worship songs to bring you closer to The Father to upbeat rhythms that make you want to dance before The Most High. ​


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Although we cannot control internet sales, it is our heart's desire that no one purchase the music offered via the internet on the  Biblical 7th Day Sabbath (aka: Saturday).  We are grateful for all of you who support our music ministry with your financial gifts. We do not profit from sales - all sales help with the creation of music or art which exalts Abba and His Word.

Todah Raba (Thank you very much!)

Shalom & Blessings

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Shalom, This is Steve touching base with a little update.  As many of you know It is miYah's greatest desire to create music which glorifies our Heavenly Father, exalts His name, and bears witness to the truth of His Word.  Music is sometimes able to reach people's hearts-  when preaching and reasoning cannot. Additionally. music can circulate in hard-to-reach places. You may not know this, but miYah's music is played and shared all over the world, bringing worship and the Torah message to even hard-to-reach countries where the gospel is forbidden. The analytics for her music are often surprising reaching listeners in places such as: Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia,  Kenya, Asia, South America, etc.

miYah has never asked for donations to help with her music ministry, but I would like to ask you to consider sending in a love offering to help with the next CD project.  I feel like the songs on this CD are some of her best work and need to be completed sooner than later.  
The new "Tribes" CD will cost several thousands of dollars to produce. The average cost is usually somewhere around $1000 per song.  It would be a huge blessing to have you be a part of getting these next 10-12 new Torah songs out to believers around the world. Having  sponsors would help get the music off the pages of a notebook and into the ears of believers (and potential believers).  If you are blessed by this unique music ministry (and blessed financially by the Father) I humbly ask you to pray about being part of this music ministry & CD project. If you feel led to give toward  recording the new music, I know she would be very grateful for a love offering  of any amount. 

Sponser A Song

Additionally, if you (or your fellowship or family) are interested in sponsoring a song (with a gift of $1000), I talked to miYah she said  would love to specially acknowledged you or group on her Tribes CD and send you 10 free CDs (before released to the general public).

Donors of at least $100 will be acknowledged on the miYahmusic website and sent 2 CDs (before release to the general public).

Again, a donation of any amout is greatly appreciated. All donations can be sent to: 

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​Thank You & Abba Bless!

With Master Guitarist/Producer and friend 
Steve Connelly.

Marlena Noland- Violinist/Fiddler

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Shalom & Welcome to Music for The Remnant

    "I will praise Thee, O YAH, among the people: and I will sing praises unto Thee among the nations." Psalm/Tehilla 108:3

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